May 29, 2013

Modern Parables

I just had the pleasure of viewing the parable called "The Sower," it is just one of the parables in the Modern Parables series from Compass Classroom. First off this is a great parable and one I have heard  preached on often, so I was curious to see how Compass Cinema would tell the story and make it more understandable to our modern day life.

In the first of the two videos in this story "The Sower" I was introduced to a veteran farmer as he explained how he has sown and grown wheat for the past 30 years. He showed us how he sows the grain straight out of a bag onto the soil, why there are weeds in the fields and how it chokes out the grains of wheat as they grow and much more. I know very little about growing wheat unlike those who first heard the parable when Jesus told it in the Bible. Knowing little about the growing of wheat can diminish the power of the story. So I loved learning about this and my kids did too when I showed it to them later. Seeing the path, the weeds the field does bring the story closer to home, I can see the story and the meaning clearer than when I had heard the story so many times before. I was impressed. Way to go Compass Cinema. I'll pass this gem along to my friends.

While watching I was realizing the reality of the grain field and who it grows and marveled again at how beautifully Jesus used this everyday knowledge to explain the Kingdom of God. I am so glad there is such a tool out there to share these parables with my children.

The second part of the Sower video package was an explanation from a pastor as he revisited parts of the story and explained the deeper biblical message the Jesus was using the everyday elements to explain. This was done clearly, succinctly and powerfully. My kids were not bored.

I loved this introduction to the Modern Parables Collection at Compass Classroom and look forward to viewing more. There are six parables or twelve lessons in all.

The Hidden Treasure (lesson 1&2)
The Samaritan (Lesson 3&4)
The Shrewd Manager (lesson 5&6)
The Widow and the Judge (lesson 7&8)
The Sower (lesson 9&10)
The Prodigal Son (lesson 11&12)

I think our family is going to enjoy watching these over and over again. Thanks Compass Cinema a job well done!

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