November 21, 2010

Boys will be boys

We had the delight of having three other boys come over for a morning and share lessons with us. The theme was camouflage and we looked at animals and how they hide in nature. Then we became the animals....prey and predator alike growled, pawed the ground, snorted and walked with stealth through the ever growing under brush in our yard. I enjoyed watching them connecting with primal like instincts. Even the quietest ones came alive in this primitive, manly sort of drama. Boys who can understand them.....

While I watched I felt a twinge of pride. Some day those fierce boys growling like lion cubs will be men, roaring like lions and that will be a grand day. Men of Valor growling for righteousness and outwitting the enemies of goodness alight. Go on fellows growl away the darkness and dispel the evil, fight the dragon and win. Take on the enemies of goodness and kindness and all that is ungodly and make the world a safer brighter place. Be manly men, strong and good men!
I'll salute you.

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