January 9, 2011

Beginning Drawing 101

In between investigating impressionist artists (we just finished Edgar Degas) we are doing units on basic art skills. This time around I chose basic drawing....we used Ralph Masiello's Bug Drawing book as our inspriation and guide. The statement on the bottom front of his book is sooooo true,

"Simple steps make anyone and artist"

If each spot on a lady bug tells us how old she is.....then Zak has made a very old lady bug indeed!

These drawings turned out so well we decided to use them as get well cards for a sick friend.

A fly went by.

The very hungry catapiller.

Look out Little Miss Muffet!


Stink bug.

Dragon fly.

Create your own insect...

Checkout the great step by step instructions for the lady bug.

In addtion to the drawing instruction in The Bug Drawing book, each week we fill in these drawing practice pages.
The ones above were created to expand the few examples found in Drawing with Children (pg. 43). Here is what Mona Brooks says about these exercises:

"It is not necessary to reproduce the image exactly, since that is not our goal in thr drawing process. You merely want to duplicate the same general structure with the same basic components. For example, it is not important to have the same exact size or confidence of line. But do attempt to duplicate the type and number of lines represented, as well as the relationship of how one line is attached to another."

Well That is our first drawing lesson mini unit....now we are off to get to know Vincent Van Gogh.


  1. shouldnt that kid be using a pencil

    1. I purposely did not give him a pencil because the boys generally spend more time erasing than drawing when they have one. We have found that using a pen a great way to encourage the beginning drawer to get it the first time or two...I also do not insist on perfection but their best effort. This idea of only using pens or markers I read about in the book Drawing for Children. Of course you may have another reason for using a pencil and that would be fine. It may be fun to try both and see which works best for your young artist.