March 18, 2011

More Than Magic!

Welcome back! Are you ready for our next adventure in math? I call this lesson "More then Magic" says Professor Pig on the opening page of our More than Magic math book. We loved Professor Pig's lessons on Magic Numbers and this one was equally as delightful. In this lesson we learned factors of 11.

I took the PDF print out of the book and spliced it up a bit to fit into these green folders. It sort of made this series of lessons look like a glorified file folder game. While I was coloring this, the boys got jealous so I made copies for them to color as well. It was a fun way to get started on the lesson.

There are three activities that Ellen gave printables for that we did and we created a fourth.

This activity is a game. I made a board and number sets like this one for each player. We had three. The boys on their turn  rolled the cubic dice first and looked at the number on the bottom of the dice. That number they took from their number cards and placed on the upper row. Their goal is to roll numbers that will add up to 7. Once they have numbers that add up to 7 they roll the tetrahedron dice and try to roll numbers that add up to 11.

This activity is called "The Great Train Robbery". The train is to be set up so the engine is first and the caboose is last. The cars can be in any order, and it is best to switch them out each time the game is played. The robber has just stole money from the train vault and we played that Professor pig was chasing down the robber to recover the money. Professor Pig could only advance forward a train car if the player can say the magic number pair of the number on the car that equals 11. I ran the robber the robber down the tops of the train cars. The other player if faster in knowing his magic pairs for 11 could catch me. I also had to say the magic number pairs as I hopped cars. Then we all switched rolls and they played against each other.

Flash Cards. Different from the one in the previous lesson on the magic numbers for the shapes are now 3D.

This is the game we created. We used the numbers from the 7-11 game and the professor pig pieces I made by printing the cover page onto cards stock and coloring him in. This is a smaller version of our game. We put all three sets of numbers out on the floor in a switched back line. (this is only on set of numbers) Then we rolled the dice. (using the tetrahedron will make the game slower because it only goes up to 4) The player moves that many spaces forward. To stay on the spot they must know the magic number pair of the number they landed on that equals 11. If they do not know it they go back to number they were on when they rolled.

Best thing about this's FREE!!


  1. Adorable! You are doing such a good job!

  2. Thank you Jimmie! It is sooooo encouraging to hear YOU say that. :)