April 12, 2011

2 More Than Magic

This is the third lesson in five of Professor Pig's Magic Math. It is all about factors of 12.

"Professor Pig's Magic Math is all about thinking like a mathematician. People who are good at math don't just memorize facts! They understand numbers and they see number patterns everywhere. Professor Pig begins by teaching his students the "magic numbers": the numbers that add up to 10. Using these five facts as a base, student are taught to see patterns that will allow them to easily add facts like 8+3 and 7+5, without any memorization. Stacks of many numbers are easily added using these number patterns.
Professor Pig uses oodles of games and activities to review and practice. No boring worksheets! When there is a worksheet, specific instructions are given as how to attack it.

If your student balk at traditional workbooks, I HIGHLY recommend trying Professor Pig's Magic Math."  Ellen Mchenry (Author of Professor Pigs Magic Math curriculum)

We had great fun with this game called The Egg Hatching Game.

Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch. That's exactly 3 weeks, which is a convient way to introduce some multiples of 7! In this, game the players are hens trying to hatch eggs. If your hen can get all the way to day 21 without landing on a cracked egg, you get a chick card. The number of spaces you may move is the number that belongs in the box in the equation you roll on the dodecahedron. If you land on a craked egg you must return to start. First player to hatch 3 chicks wins. Playing a 3 chick game with less than three players will take less than 10 minutes.

Games included in this lesson are:
1. The 12 penny game (same as the 10 penny game except you use 12 pennies now!)
2. odd one out (using number cards from lesson 1)
3. The Egg hatching Game (Above)
4. Flash cards
5. Instructions for the Egg Srcamble worksheet.

Odd One Out uses these number cards above. I place four number cards down, and the player selecets one card to remove. The remaining three cards must equal 12. This game will practice the concept of looking for Magic Number pairs and then adding two.

The goal is to have the student calculating quickly enough that he only has to remember three numbers, not six.
Choose any two numbers that add up to 12, and put them in eggs A and B. C and D are two numbers that add together to make A. E and F are two numbers that add together to make B. Now, for the magic trick! Take C and E, add them together and put the answer in egg G. Take D and F, add them together and put the answer in H. Then add G and H and you will always get 12!

I got a little smarter when I made this 'file folder game of 2 More Than Magic', I glued the instructions for the Odd One out onto construction paper and only glued down three sides of that new piece to make it into a pocket. I did the same with the Egg Hatching game and the Flash Cards. Then I had room for it all to fit, plus I can paper clip the small pieces for the activity onto the edge of the pocket.

This one was shallow enough to simply act at a pocket.

It takes about two weeks to complete these games and lessons. After which we go on to subtraction or addition games to pratice all the factors from 1-20. Our goal this year is to master factors from 1-20 in both addition and subtraction. Games and fun acticities has made this painless and more than that FUN!
For subtraction practice we are using the following games from last year:
Subtraction Action
Storm the Castle (using subtraction story problems from Ray's Arithmatic)

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