June 16, 2011

A Walk in My Backyard

This last week we haven't been getting much school done in the classroom but we all know kids never stop learning. I took time out to look into a recent health issue I have. I missed my flow last month and discovered I have headed into a new season of life...menopause. The symptoms are not many just nausea and acid reflux. However it is making everyday eating a big hassle. This week I have been getting educated about menopause and learning how to eat on a eruptive tummmy. So for relaxation and deversion I took a walk outside today and found some real photo treasures. Come along and see.

We haven't done much with the yard except to encourage nature to grow in such a way as to give us some shade and provide areas for our few pets to thrive. Here I have captured some wild flowers growing by the rock wall. They are very small and hard to get into focus.

Around back I found Zak and his little bunny "little guy" he is the smallest of our three rabbits and slightly lame because a rat got to him when he was young and bit his leg. Max is trying to get his collection of flowers into the picture. Ok Max, in you go.

Ok now one with just Max. You can see the lighting on these is perfect. It is an overcast day and we are under a tree for shade.

Well Max doesn'y really want to be photographed and I can he has a good reason. He still has mango all over his face from lunch.

This is the flower Max has been collecting in his old tuna tin. They grow like weeds all over the yard and have a terrible scent. But are they not lovely?

Along the way I spotted this array of things one of the boys has collected for some reason I do not know. It is a pleasing arrangement to the eye. Waaalla! Instant found object art!

It is the season for figs and our fig tree though not very large has been producing well over 10 figs a day. That is far more than anyone should eat daily and stay regular. But oh are they scrumpscuous!

If the figs grow low enough on the branch the boys are allowed to eat one right off the tree. If they touch it with their hands it makes it dirty. This is Zak taking a not forbidden bite.

Look tasty? hey Zak come back and finish this....chomp!

Last year, around this time of year, we tried to see how many different types of grasses we had growing on our lot. This is just one of them. Simple, yet elegant.

This is our rooster, Cocky Locky. Along with our rooster we have a small white speckeled hen, a cat, three white rabbits and a fish. Cockey Locky and dove, our hen, roam about the yard as they please until night when they rooster in a small house my husband made for them. Isn't he beautiful?

I really love taking junk, re-working it and making it into something useful. So I was thrilled when TJ showed me this bird house he made with his dad out of an old planter, a tin plate and some wire. I hope some bird will like it as a home. TJ put grass inside to make the bird feel comfortable.

Just as I was about to go back inside, Max and I spotted this little white butterfly (or is it a moth?) with orange tipped wings. How thrilled I was when he landed right at my feet and I was able to get a clear shot of him. I really enjoyed spending the afternoon outside with my boys just hanging around and seeing what is there. I hope you enjoyed it too!

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  1. Those smelly flowers that you said Max collected are Lantana. An utter nuisance in any country it growns in!