November 20, 2011

Sight Words

A sight word activity from Reading Made Easy
This year I am introducing sight words in a more direct way. Though we have always encountered sight words in our phonics lessons and more now that we are reading, I have waited until now to focus on them. There are many games out there for learning sight words but we like these games:

Erudition: The object of this game is to move your pawn through the streets and be the first one to the library at the end. To advance along the spaces the players roll the dice and move that nimber o spaces. Then the player will selct a card from one of the four piles. If the card is read correctly the player gets a bonus roll. The crads are divided into four levels. Letter and phongram sounds (blue cards), beginner sight words (green cards), intermediate level sight words (yellow) , and finally advanced level sight words (red).

Along the street there are fun things that deter the players or advance them forward.

Another good reveiw of this game by half dozen mama.

Sight Word Bingo: We are using a set of cards we got form our Sonlight, but there are many free resources out there.

Mrs. Perkin's Dolch Words

Bingo Card Creator

Sight Word Bingo FREE Download

Sight Word Go fish:

Sight Words Kindergarten by The Smiling Teacher has cards ready made to print. She has designed go fish cards, concentration cards, domino cards and more. They are color coded to their level and easy to use. We are using the go fish cards we have from Son light.

Make your own with unlined 3 X 5 cards.

There are many ideas out there and many you can do yourself without spending alot of money. Here is another website with more ideas for learning sight words. Top ten sight word games.

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