June 28, 2012

Overrun by Caterpillars

These are some of the caterpillars the boys found in the park the other day. They are literally all over the place. Since it was a drizzly day the caterpillars were climbing up the fences and on top of logs easy to find. In the span of say one half of and hour they had filled an empty one liter water bottle half full of them. They just about everywhere you could look. They were on the road trying to get across and getting smooshed. There were sooooo many of them it was impossible to count. They are in our yard, on the grass, on the road by the millions!!!

We also found some cocoons that day in the park. And as we were riding the ferry today, Zak notice one of the cars had cocoons embedded in the spokes of the hub caps. More than 10 in each wheel. How beautiful it will be when all of these caterpillars and cocoons become butterflies!

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