September 9, 2012

A New Beginning...

This year is starting so much different than last year. Last year I had very fine tuned plans by this date and was very ready to begin a new school year. This year I am digging through the mess to find the books and things I need for a lesson, and I do not "feel" ready to begin another year. I do have a plan (yeah!) it is just not spelled out in too much detail and I have so many other things I am doing this fall aside from beginning school that school is getting a bot lost in the shuffle. For one I am learning to eat gluten free. I am already dairy free, egg free and meat free so adding or not adding gluten makes my meal planning a real challenge. I am also freed up to work on some creative projects for a change this fall and I am soooo excited about it! So in addition to the new meals and the homeschooling my mind is working on ideas I long to execute. Getting to work on new ideas also means setting up a new room in the house for a place to create, thank you to my DH that is well on it's way. SO on top of that I bought a mac this summer and am setting it up to run with my scanner and printers and not having a whole lot of luck. SO many of my ideas for school are having to simply wait as these things are put into place. We are going backwards in terms of technology and using paper and pencil more. I kind of like it. :) All these details, this messiness, and the setbacks would have made me crazy in the past but I have been enjoying the idea of living more like my kids, just one moment at a time talking little and big things over with my Father in Heaven. It dawned on my today that being overwhelmed with good things doesn't make life easier just richer and more challenging.

I'll be back soon with more updates on our schooling which has begin this week amongst the mess, after I get a little more of it under control.

In the meantime check out ideas I am thinking about on my pinterest page.

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