August 28, 2013

Nature Discoveries!

Zak's prize. He got a lot of milage with this scary critter giving me the jumps.

I am glad the boys found this one and not me! It does have pretty markings though.

We have no idea what this first we thought it was legless lizard but then the tiny little legs appeared. Such a long tail!

First they saw the turtle dove eggs...

Then one of the eggs hatched and one chick sat on the nest for a few we found the chick out of it's egg but it did not make it.  :(

This is the little bird we saw a few weeks ago. SO cute.

We are finding more chameleons since our cat has passed away. This is a small male one. Love his bright colors.

He is hissing at us as he look out at us from inside Max's hat.

Our new puppy, his name is diamond.

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  1. Dear I need some Spotted dove picture in bangladesh. and use it in a publication if you permission to do this