January 10, 2014

Looking Back

As the new year was rolling around I began to think about when the boys were younger, and how far they have come in there 8 and 10 years of life. It does flit by so quickly and I am very glad I had taken pictures so I would not forget the details. I showed the picture to the boys and we laughed a lot and we cooed, well mostly I cooed at how cute they were. Looking at them back then has made my heart treasure them all the more and place my feet more firmly on the path we will travel this next year. 

I thought you may like to see some of the pictures we have been reminiscing over. Beginning in 2005 when Max was born. He was early by 5 weeks as I had preeclampsia. He was born on Dec 19th 6 days before Christmas. In this picture my dh is feeding him with a prenatal bottle in the hospital where he stayed in ICU for 6 days while we watched to see if his temperature would stabilize so we could take him home. Isn't he adorable so small!

2003 Max is born 

With Grandpa in the hospital days after he was born.

Max is 4 months old.

Snuggling up with grandma...ahhhhhh so sweet.


Max is 1 year old.

Peek a boo!

2005 Zak and TJ are Born

Just days after they were born I pose with them in the Hospital.

Feeding who??? I can't remember.

Streeeeettttccccchhhhh! Ahhhh.

All three together.


Face Paints Arrrrr!

Tj falls and cuts his forehead.

A Bear Birthday Party



Zak and Tj are Five Max is 6 1/2 and we have started homeschool and this blog.

Hope you have enjoyed the trip down memory lane with us.

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