January 3, 2012

Peter and Polly

Peter and Polly in Winter is a wonderful story written by Rose Lucia. It is one of the treasures I have found amongst the public domain books. The stories are about a little boy and a little girl as they live their lives on a small farm with their family and friends during the winter season. There are three other volumes, Peter and Pollly in the Spring, P and P in the Summer, and P and P in the Autumn. The stories as wholesome and winsome. When I read the first few chapters it dawned on me how cleverly they fit with Charlotte Mason's idea of nature study. I was intrigued. Could this little reader be helpful in nature study as well as reading practice, narration practice and copywork? Turns out it is not too bad. Might even work in the place of life skills too!

In this e-book you will find:

A cover page which can be printed on card stock for a durable start to your copywork book or your nature notebook...or both!

A Map of Peter and Polly’s village.

A 35 reading lessons for emerging readers. The original books were not graded but I would guess it is at the 2nd or 3rd grade level.

At the end of each reading lesson you will find:

Narration prompts. I have found that the best way to initiate narration practice for the new narrator is with material that the narrator has read for himself.

Copywork exercises. I have provided one sentence from the reading lesson for beginning writers using the primary lines and two or three sentences for those using regular lines. (There are blank pages at the end of the book if you want to make your own or do more work on this.)

A nature study prompt or activity that follows the thread of the story. (There are notebook pages at the end of the book if you don’t have a nature journal that you are already using)

A coloring page

I hope to be able to complete the whole series this year so that if we can follow Peter and Plloy through the seasons learning our CM langauge arts skills and doing some nature study and some life skills in the process.


  1. I enjoyed reading what worked for you and what didn't .... it's got me thinking about why I've dropped things from our last school year and collected up others for the new one.
    (Thanks for posting your thoughts!)

  2. I have bought Polly and Peter and love it. I hope my boys love it too. We shall see starting next week.
    I have a blog award for you over at my blog...

  3. Phyllis, judging by your location in the NE you should have a ball with the nature study ideas. In oregon we just don't get that much snow. So I will have to take the kids to it. SO much fun is ahead! Thanks for the blog award, I had a nice morning meeting the other four recipients. So many good ideas so little time.