January 21, 2012

Planet Earth

Zak as planet earth in our rotate and revolve exercise a few months ago.

We have been having a fun time with our unit on planet earth. Is it not amazing how perfectly it is designed? Our text is still Exploring Creation with Astronomy by Jeannie fulbright. I first read them the chapter from this book about the earth and we have discussions/narrations as we go along. Then next lesson we begin reviewng the information we read about with the following notebook pages which have been made to look like the earth. Our mini books are placed upon these pages. It may take a few lessons to fill them all in and color them but it gives us a nice way to go over the material in the lesson again. If there are demonstrations or experiments we do those as well. This unit we lit a lamp (the sun) and placed it upon the table. Then on the four walls around the table with the lamp I placed a card with one of the four seasons written on it. You can imagine what we did next. I then tilted a blow up earth ball with the hemispheres devided by a black line we drew with a peranent marker, so it was summer.Thus the light was shinning of the southern hemisphere. Then I walked the bow up earth ball around the lamp and stopped at each wall to show what each season would look like. In this way we coudl see more clearly how the tilt of the earth made the seasons.
Have a look at our notebook pages.

Before we added the mini books this time the boys colored the blue paper with some green paint or marker pens to create a background that looks like the earth.

The perfect land game has cards like Montessori cards. You match the label to the picture.

One of Max's Pages

One of Zak's pages.
Because I want them to be thinking about astronomy and not working on fine motor skills, I am still printing out and cutting up all the mini books.

One of T.J.'s mini books.

All of our mini books came from these two sources:

 A Journey Through Learning: Apologia/Jeannie Fulbright Exploring Creation with Astronomy Lapbook B&W
Knowledge Box Central » Exploring Creation With Astronomy - Lapbook Lessons 1-6

To wrap up our unit on the planet earth we painted this world map and added glued o labels for the perfect attributes we learned about. This is Max's perfect earth.

T.J.'s perfect earth.

And last but not least Zak's perfect earth.

we can't complete the unit yet without doing a solar system map drill. Get your free copy of it here.

Thank you for stopping by. Visit us again soon for we are going to the moon.

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