February 5, 2012

To The Moon!

Zak's coloring of an Astronaut on the Moon.
We have had a wonderful exploration of the moon. We found out we weigh less there. The boys were so impressed by the fact that a man has actually set foot upon that far away place, not to mention the amazing fact that the footprints that were made back in 1969 are still there!

The top book is simply a blank mini book to write facts we had learned about the moon, it has craters, it is white etc.

The Moon Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson is from The Moon Lapbook. On the back of the poem there is a blank sheet for copywork. I could not find the lapbook again so I could link to it. Sorry. :(

The boys all weigh about 46 pounds here on earth....that is about 6-8 pounds on the moon. Wild.

This little flip book is simple to make. We just cut it out and them put the pages in order. When you flip it the moon travels around it's orbit of the Earth.

  • The cool velum pocket on the left has me thinking. It looks great, and the velum folds so nice and clean. You will see us using this medium more in future pocket features. I love them!
  • The phases of the moon worksheet can be found here.
  • The best advantage to this book format for our lapbook base is that we can add notebooking pages whenever we like. I love the freedom this allows.
  • We attampted to track the moon for a month with the card inside the envelope, but several of the days it wasn't visible excpet in the middle of the night, and on other days it was cloudy, so we could n't see then moon then either. So, we packed it in and went on to investigate mars.

We also read the following short picture books about the exploration of the moon to top off our look at this part of creation.

We made a rickety homemade telescope out of two magnifying glasses and a mailer tube. It worked ok for looking but it wasn't all that strudy to last for more than a day. Plus the boys had already discovered that if you aim your magnifying glass at a blank wall at just the right distance you can see and upside down picture of the window or doorway. Pretty cool!

And last but not least, we completed yet another solar system map adding on the moon orbiting around the earth.


  1. This is great. Are you doing notebooking with lapbook components? What is the binding? I'm intrigued. We do a lot of lapbooking but i'm interested in switching to notebooking or some combination. I'm curious how you are doing it based on the pictures i'm seeing. Thanks.

  2. Hi Tawnee, great questions! Yes we are notebooking with lapbboking components or perhaps it would be we are lapbooking using notebooking bases. Hmmm it all blends together. I bind the cardstock pages together with a pro-click binder. I bought mine form Amazon.com for about 59.95 plus them additional cost of the binding combs.The combs in our project above are the very largest size they sell. I bought a box so save on costs. You can purchase blank books aready bound over at www.peareducationalproducts.com that look wonderful and are reasonably priced. However the ability to open and close the spiral binding that you get when you pro-click a book together is vlauable. I can add pages, and take them away. It is how I am able to have the lapbooking mini books in with the notebooking pages all in one format. I am loving it.