February 20, 2012

Trampoline Games

We obtained a eight-foot circular trampoline from friends for cheep because they were moving. I had not used one much so I looked online for games but found none. The kids were not discouraged – they made their own.

The two games are similar in these ways:

- A safety net is required, ours is two meters above the surface of the trampoline.

- One point is given to the opposition for any person touching the safety net, particularly important for encouraging control for the one on the trampoline.

- Only one on the trampoline at a time.

- The object of the attacker(s) is to hit the trampoline surface with a ball by throwing it over the net.


The defender holds a ball with which they defend the trampoline surface. If it hits the trampoline surface the attacker(s) get a point. The defender can ONLY touch the attacking ball with the ball they are holding. If the defender deflects the ball outside and onto the ground without being caught, the defender gets a point.


The defender gains a point by catching the ball without letting it touch the trampoline surface. The attacker(s) gain a point by hitting the trampoline surface.


- We play to ten or twenty, win by two and took turns.

- Change the number of balls to attack. (With more than one ball, a penalty is given to the defender for keeping the ball more than three seconds.)

- Partially deflated balls seems to add an interesting twist.

- We recently took turns as judge.

WARNING: Be alert to not step on a ball while on the trampoline. It could flip you!


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