February 12, 2011

Van Gogh Diarama

We began by copying Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles. We used this coloring sheet from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to help us. We looked at how Van Gogh used color and we tried to copy him as best we could with our felt tip pens.

On another day we put our coloring page into a box I discovered as I made fettchini one night. The box the noodles came is was the perfect size for this project! I went to the store and purchased two more so I would have three. The noodles went into ziplock bags for later.

On the same site we found the coloring page for the bedroom we found little coloring people of the Roulin Family. Van Gogh in Camille and the Sunflowers painted a portrait of each one of them. We colored them too and added them to our diarama.

Max wanted to copy the colors he saw in Van Gogh's portraits but the other two decided to make their own choices for color.
Max's finished diarama.
A detail from Max's Diarama.
 T.J. is working on his Roulin Family pictures. Then he cut them out and glued them into the box.
T.J.'s finished diarama.
Zak's Diarama.


  1. I adore these artist study dioramas! Brilliant. And thanks for the links to the printables.

  2. Hi Sarah, This is the first time I've visited your blog - at Jimmie's recommendation. Your dioramas are just gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. aww... so sweet! They are FANTASTIC!~ We'll have to remember this when we do Van Gogh.

  4. Fantastic! Your Van Gogh paintings have come to life! I'm sure you all enjoyed this activity!

  5. These are wonderful!! I confess that art is one of my favorite things to teach. :-)

  6. I am so giddy about this idea, my fingers won't type fast enough! Just brilliant!

  7. What a great idea! I'll be adding it to my file.


  8. I love your dioramas!!! Thanks for sharing.