February 1, 2011

Little Red One

Not much bigger than a grain of rice this little feller we found in the yard the other day. We would have missed him altogether if he has not been so red. Isn't he beautiful?
We are still trying to find out just what he or she is. Is he just a baby form another insect we know? Does he get any bigger? What does he eat? What kind of home does he have? Who might eat him?
The boys figured that since he was red he must be poisonous. Perhaps he is. It is great to discover something there is not yet a name for...a question to answer and seek out. Whatever this little guy is we sure enjoyed meeting him and observing his very bight red color on such a  grey and dreary day.

1 comment:

  1. I never thought insects could be cute but this may have changed my mind. I love his/her color ;)