February 26, 2011

Little Wanderers

Between "seeds" and "roots and shoots" we spent a little time with the book called Little Wanderers: how and why plants travel by Margaret Warner Morley.
It is a charming book describing in detail the different ways seeds travel. She covers over 34 varieties of plants and trees with a narrative style that really keeps your attention.
While I read from the book the boys colored pictures of the plants we were reading about.

This is Max's rendition of a geranium. He was so excited about the red rings on the leaves. How amazing!
Most of the coloring pages we used I found at notebooking pages. Others I looked for online.

Sometimes we drew the flowers or trees.

Sometimes we found stickers of the flowers we read about and stuck them to blank 3x5 cards and wrote their name on the card.

Sometimes we did some copy work. But mostly we enjoyed the narrative and got to be friends with some seeds and learn how they travel.

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