February 1, 2011

Unless we become as little children...

T.J.  just came up to me and said, “Mom, it honors God when we give things away. We boys are giving away all our clothes except what we are wearing. He smiles big and contentedly. Because God says it is good to honor one another.” He runs away and tells his brothers what he told me. Then I hear them saying to each other, “We want to honor God and give all our things away.” “We are honoring God!” They are rustling plastic bags and stuffing thier clothes in as fast as they can. Their voices are excited and they are rushing around to do something good. They keep saying over and over how they are honoring God and it is evident they are loving it.

How can I tell them to stop? Keep all your clothes. Think ahead....Instead, I chose to smile at TJ, tell him he has a good heart and give him a hug.

Now they plan to give away their beds. “Our beds, we can give them away!” “Yeah! I can sleep on the floor!” Max brings in some "reason" and says it won’t fit in the car. Now they are trying to figure out how to be comforting to the kids in the prison.

I love their hearts!

T.J. just asked if we could get some stones, and some sticks and a wild beast to build an alter to make praise and sacrifice to God. Smiling I said we don’t have to any more because of Jesus sacrifice for us. Thoughtfully he ponders this. "So," he asked "if we went outside with a carpet if they could praise God out there." "Yes!" I said. 'It has to be outside!" So off they all went…as I am wiritng this, they are on their knees on the porch praying for prisoners in prison and taking turns asking God to protect the children that are there. So cute!

Now they are inside telling me all they had just prayed.  I knew already for I peaked at them through the window smiling with contented joy. They said they wanted to leave the pillows out on the porch from now on so they can pray every day for the prisoners. Next they had a new thought to share, “We want to adopt a little girl from an orphanage……no! three! Three boys and three girls!” “Yeah mom.” "then we can be eight in all!"

"Unless we become as little children we will not enter into the kingdom of heaven." Jesus

I am learning how to enter in. My teachers are 3 feet tall.

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