April 24, 2012

Making an Egyptian Temple

Island Temple at Philea by David Roberts

Building an egyptian temple out of paper is not as easy as we thought, even with our pre-planned punch out and glue together model. We found that gluing together the many paper pieces didn't work so well and so we opted for clear tape instead. Though it makes the end result look a bit tacky it was more within our range and abilities so we went with it. Building this temple was a big hit with the boys who were so deltighted to see the temple come alive as we completed first the pylons, the obelisks and flags and then on another day the courtyard.

Each day we added another section.

After the hopstyle hall we constructed the sanctuary and the priests house

And that completes our temple building project!

Just so you know....all the pictures for this post were taken by Max (except this one). He is becoming quite a good photographer.

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