April 24, 2012

10, 9, 8, 7, 6...BLAST OFF!

We made these cool looking rockets out of a piece of contruction paper, tape and some felt pen decorations. Hidden inside of these fabulous rockets is a clear film canister. Today we are attempting to launch our rockets into space.

The film canister we filled with warm water...then quickly and I mean quickly we dropped the alka-seltzer tablet into the canister and put the lid on.

Then we waited for it to shoot up into the air...

But the most we got was a little 'pop' and then the rocket fell over. As T.J. oberved the 'failed' launches of his brothers rockets and saw how wet they got he would not even give his a try. He was too proud of the rocket he had made to see it get ruined. Maybe another day T.J.


  1. We tried this too. Here is what we discovered: Take the film canister out of the paper rocket, have your son chew a piece of gum. Stick the gum to the inside of the lid. Gently but firmly stick the alka-seltzer to the gum. Put the lid on tightly. The gum should hold the tablet to the lid away from the water. Flip it over so the lid is down, which will cause the water to hit the tablet. Without the paper rocket, and with the lid on tightly, ours went as high as the roof. Not as cute as the rocket, but still fun and impressive for my 6 year old girl.