February 17, 2013

Week Twenty Two Wrap-Up

We hope you had a wonderful Valentines's Day! I made heart hand pies for the boys and we topped it of with coconut cream YUM! We are in the throws of preparing for our Spring Break that will last three months. We will be doing school partly on the road as we travel about seeing family and friends. When you' all take a break for summer we will be getting back to the books. So if the postings are sporadic form here on out that is why. Now about this week.

Bible: 2 Peter with Dad over breakfast.

Latin: We are into Chapter 8 in our Minimus text book. Only 4 chapters left for this year, then we do a few weeks of review of the whole year and we will be onto Secondus.

Copy work: Max is still working through the Aesop's copybook and should be finished this week, so I have begun to review cursive with the twins. We began writing in cursive due to the fact that they all needed help with the left to right orientation of our English language. Then we learned print, so for the remainder of this year they will be doing cursive practice using some copy work booklets from Westvon Publishing.

Zak chose to copy sayings from the civil war, Tj chose sayings about pets, and Max chose to work on sayings about the solar system.

Primary Language Lessons: The boys have been preparing for dictation all week. Two chose to locate hard words in each sentence and copy those each three times each, and Zak preferred to simply copy the whole passage. Then they switched and did the opposite and so after three days of reading, copying and looking at the passage they were given dictation of it and they all did well. They corrected their own mistakes with a red pencil.

Mathematics: This is the second time we have gone through the Everyday Number Stories and on this pass through the material the boys noted for themselves how much better they understand the math. Yeah!

Art: We read Drawing With Scissors, a short book report on Henry Matisse, last week and so this week have been doing some of that....drawing with scissors.

Music: The boys have been doing some music appreciation, filling in of booklets about Robert Schuman for our composer lap books and listening to his lovely music as they play quietly.

Insects: We just completed our reading of The Tale of Daddy Longlegs by Arthur Scott Bailey. Now the boys have chosen to read.....We will decide today.

Nature Notebook:

Geography: The Young Carthaginian by G. A. Henty

History of Ancient Rome: We are reading and narrating through The Story of the Romans the story by Gruber and enhanced by Christine Miller.  We are almost done making our myth pockets. This week we put together two, one for Pandora's Box and another for The Race for Atlanta.

Stories of Faith: We are listening to Ben Hur: A tale of the Christ by Lew Wallace

Reading Practice: Elson Reader Book three

Bed time Read Aloud: The Secret Seven Adventure Collection by Eind Blyton



  1. Wow these pastry treats look yummy. I wish you could share the recipe. These are good treats to serve to kids during a bible reading session.

  2. The pastry is the flaky pie crust recipe from Nourishing Traditions Cook Book by Sally Fallon, and the filling is just a few strawberries heated in a sauce pan with honey and a little arrowroot powder. I cooked it all on medium heat until soft. Use cookie cutter and a fork to make the shapes. Enjoy!