September 21, 2013

Latin Lesson

Latin is a breeze this year as I am letting Duane do the lessons via the Visual Latin curriculum.  Duane is a guy and that is a huge benefit as the boys relate to him far better than myself or another lady. It says something subtle and that is that Latin is for men. He is also silly and though his lessons are sound and clear they are fun for the boys. The lessons also fit into Charlotte Mason's principles of short, 20 minute lessons. Whether we are watching the DVD or doing the worksheets they never take much longer than 20 minutes. So it is easy, fun, meaty and we all are loving it.

Our lesson plans look like this:

Day 1: Lesson 1: grammar video with Duane
Day 2: Lesson 1: grammar worksheet reviewing the video lesson the day before
Day 3: Lesson 1: Sentence Video with Duane
Day 4: Lesson 1: Sentence Worksheet reviewing what we learned in the video the day before.
Day 5: Lesson 1: Reading Video with Duane
Day 6: Lesson 1: Reading worksheet reviewing what we heard in the video the day before.
Day 7: Review all three videos

Begin with lesson 2.

Before I made the switch to Visual Latin I had planned to continue on with the second edition of Minimus called Secondus. I had purchased the text for the boys and the teacher text for me, but somewhere along the way I lost it. When I went to begin planning for it I did not have it any more. I did have the Visual Latin DVD's and worksheets and as I looked at it I thought the boys would do better with this curriculum this year anyway and I sure liked the idea of having one less lesson to plan each day. I am so glad it turned out the way it did. If I ever find the Secondus I suppose I resell it, it is still in my humble opinion a fun way to learn latin.

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