September 20, 2013

St. Patrick Lapbook

We have arrived at the Story of Saint Patrick in our history readings so even though it isn't St. Patricks day (march 17th) we idd a lapbook about Saint Patrick and some of the ideas that go along with the March 17th celebration.

We read about him from Our Island Saints by Amy Steedman, and did the mini books etc. I apologize for losing many of the links to the things we used in our book, if I find them I'll update this post.

The project that this image came from was not really designed to be a pocket but we made one by glueing the illumination image to another sheet of card stock and folding down the edges to make the flaps for our pocket. Much sturdier construction this way.

I lost the link to this vintage St. Patrick's Day greeting Card image. So sorry. Inside the boys wrote, "Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day."

I lost the link for the four leaf clover flip book. Inside the boys wrote down a sin or too they were thankful Jesus has given them power to overcome.

I lost the link for the cross mini book. Sorry. Inside we wrote down the facts about St. Patrick and his building of churches in Ireland. This came form our reading about him in Our Island Saints.

Zak is making his fairy coin box

At the end our project day we did a short treasure hunt for fairy gold.

Treasure hunt with Limerick clues and fairy gold


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