June 8, 2010

Move-able Math

I love the Montesorri Materials and the ideas behind them. Unforntunately many of these materials are costly and time comsuming to make. However, their idea of having materials with movable and reuseable parts is just the right fit for my boys; ages 5 and 6 1/2. It is very engaging for them and I find it easy to be creative with the materials, making up many lessons using one resource. So, since I am counting pennies, I adapted a few free resources I had accumulated from other sites for math and made some psuedo Montesorri math activities that we can use again and again. These activities I use in conjunction with drilling of math facts, math games, living math books and everyday math experiences like cooking and buying things at the store.

The basic tool for all these following activities is the movable numbers. I used a addtion table and printed out two tables for each boy then I cut them up and put them into the egg carton container to keep them organized. We may find we still need more ones and twos. :)

Use the movable numbers to fill in the blank addition table.

Use the movable numbers to complete this dice math sheet.

Use the movable numbers to fill in this Domino Math sheet.

Use the movable numbers to fill in these addition and subtraction fact sheets. These are part of the math handbook offered for a very nice price by Molly at homeschooling with index cards.

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  1. Thanks for the great math activity. We love hands on activities also. One of our favorites is the Popsicle Math Popsicle Stick addition game. See at my blog Henny Penny's Place blogspot.com