June 7, 2010

Arctic Lapbook: Part 2 of 3

Max's Cover
This lapbook is a continuation of our study of Biomes around the World. We have done, the desert, and the rainforest, the arctic and soon the Coral reef. This is number two in the Arctic lapbooks....it is on Antarctica. Mostly it is about research and cool facts because we did a seperate lap book on penguins. Take a look inside...

First off we looked at who had discovered and explored this very interesting continent.The Antarctic Explorers.

On this website, I found the pictures of the explorers via a timeline. Just click on the discovers names which are hyper-linked and read about them. I saved their photos using "save picture as" and pasted them to a word file where I attached their names. Then I printed them out on card stock and cut them out. We played a few games with them....Go Fish for an Explorer and Concetration. They seem to never tire of these two games and they are easy to create.Then we housed them in this little pocket.

The pocket is from homeschool share.
 Once we were pretty familar with these guys, we contructed a timeline of them. Who was first to the mainland, who came first by plane etc. Then we glued on little tiny pictures of the same guys to our time line.

This Time line is from Homeschool Share.

Cool Facts books found at Homeschool Share.

This a picture of one of our ice lanterns.(we made three) We placed a small cylindar glass with wheat in it for weight inside an old oatmeal can. Then we filled around the glass with water. The wheat in the glass kept it from floating when the water was added. Then we put them in the freezer. The next day we left them out to thaw until we could release both the glass and the now thick band of ice from the oatmeal can. What we ended up with was a thick ice ring we placed on a flat plate with a lip. Inside the ice ring we placed and  tea light. It was more lovely in real life.

The North Star minit book is from Homeschool Share.

The Antarctica Flag book if from Lapbook lessons.

Researchers Minit book from Homeschool share.

We read Mr. Poppers Penguins as well. If you would like more ideas of books on this topic there are many at Homeschool Share.

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