May 12, 2010

Meerkats Lapbook

This lapbook is from our study of the desert biome which we completed this fall. It goes very nicely with our history of the Ancient world study. We did two lapbooks for this Biome, the dung beetle lapbook and this one. The boys loved the Meerkats..they are so fun!
The Cover can be found here.

The Lapbook mini books are from Homeschool Share.

Max added his own snack pocket, we used it as a reward and played the meerkat quiz game. The snack he made himself, peanut butter on crackers, was his reward for getting the correct answers to the questions. The smaller pocket he created to hold figures of the animals and plants the meerkats eats. He bent the bottoms so they could stand up and he could pretend the meerkat was hunting and eating them. This was a great moment for us in our lapbooking history thus far. I do alot of the work so that they can have ideas for how a lapbook can be formed and used. As soon as they begin to  have their own ideas then I let them take over. Eventually the goal with these books is that they put them together from start to finish to "narrate" or "report" on any given topic.

These Photos are in color in the original files at homeschool share.

Did you know that the Meerkat's favorite food is the scorpion? Yeech!

Well that is it! The lapbook is fairly simple. In Addition we viewed a few online video clips by Googling "meerkats" and we read and colored through these three books in our study of the Desert Biome.


  1. Hello Sarah

    I love your meerkat lap book and will be using it in my classroom in Spain. I teach English and Science in a primary school in Madrid.

    I also loved your quotes.

    Thank you very, very much for sharing.

    Kind regards,


  2. Wow! I hope the kids will love it! My boys were thrilled one of our lesson is being done in Madrid. Thanks for commenting.