May 27, 2010

Sonny's Treasure Hunt

This is one of our favorite picture books. It was one of the first books we didn't just read but it reenacted it. It led us into the fun habit of letting books lead us into living life in a new way. We have read this book over and over since my oldest was 3 year old (he is 6 1/2 year olds now). Inevitably we end up doing a treasure hunt. In the Story Sonny is bored so he asks everyone in his household to play with him but everyone is busy doing something, except gran she sets aside her knitting and stops watching the cooking show and creates for him a treasure hunt by drawing pictures of where each clued is hidden. Where each clue is hidden in the treasure hunt a small new toy is found with the clue. When the boys were young I drew pictures of all kinds of things around the house and when the day lulled a bit I would send them on a treasure hunt too. Sometimes with treasure with each clue, sometimes just at the end. Now that the boys are older, I print out words they know and can read, like grass, truck or rock and send them off all over the yard in search of treasure. Today the treasure was face paints. But the real treasure is learning that books are more than just information to learn, but meals for the mind, full of nourishing ideas for living life to its fullest.

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