May 28, 2010

Peep Behind the Scenes...

Another great audio drama by Lamplighter is finsihed.
You will be transported back in time to the world of the traveling theatre. Written in 1878, A Peep Behind the Scenes quickly sold over 2 _ million copies. Now, over a century later, it comes to life as a powerful audio drama! You will meet Nora, who, enticed by the lure of fame and blinded by the romance of the theatre, soon grasps the reality of what life is like behind the scenes; Augustus, who thrives in the very small world of himself; Rosalie, whose faith shines bright in a very dark world; Betsy Ann, convinced that nobody loves her because nobody ever did, until she meets the Good Shepherd, Who goes to extremes to seek and to find those are lost. Once you hear this seven-episode epic drama, you will be compelled to share it with family, friends, and neighbors, here and around the world! A Peep Behind the Scenes audio drama-an unforgettable experience!
Read what Lamplighter is up to....
We are excited to present a special offer for you to receive Lamplighter Theatre’s most recent dramatic audio production, A Peep Behind the Scenes, absolutely FREE — a $35 value. Here is an opportunity to provide your church family, friends, neighbors, and your entire community with redemptive entertainment that will bring healing to the broken-hearted, inspire Christ-like character, and provide a substitute for the negative media influences that continually infiltrate our homes.

Lamplighter dramas are produced through the talent of world-class actors and former Adventures in Odyssey staff of Focus on the Family. These godly and creative geniuses have woven timeless truths and powerful principles of the Word of God into hours of life-transforming dramatic experiences. Lamplighter Theatre can be heard on over 900 radio stations in twelve countries. These beloved stories are bringing redemptive hope to listeners around the world!
A Peep Behind the Scenes in particular is a redemptive story that powerfully demonstrates God’s love for children, and for those in embittered relationships who have no hope. We invite you to take advantage of this special outreach opportunity. Be creative! This dramatic production would be enjoyed not only in the homes of your neighbors whom you would like to reach for Christ, but in nursing homes, schools, hospitals, prisons—the possibilities are limitless!
Please inform everyone about this exciting evangelistic opportunity. Like our salvation, it’s FREE! But unlike our salvation, it will only be free during the month of May! Yes, this adapted story can be yours FREE in a six-episode audio drama format, if used for evangelistic/discipleship purposes.
Mark Hamby
Founder and President

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