May 3, 2010

Spin to Win: Game 3 for consonant blends and diagraphs

This is our final game for step 2 and we will move on to further practice in step 3 which is long vowels. This is all part of a blend phonics book we have began a month or so ago. I decided to discontinue teaching the sit down reading and writing lessons with Zak and TJ. They were not enjoying the lessons and at four it is not yet a requirement to do that kind of work, though they were reading very well. They do however enjoy the games Max and I do for revision and continue to piece words together in their free time.
To Play: Each player spins the big white arrow in the middle of the circular board. Where the arrow points the player takes a card from the pile of the same color. The player will attempt to read the card, if he suceeds he gets to keep the card. If the arrow lands between two colors the player may take one card from each color pile and attempt to read them both. In reality no one is really ever denied a card for we all help each other to read the words correctly and give tons of grace to Zak and TJ. However, our boys love the thrill of being on the edge so I add in tough rules to make it interesting, and then the sucess mean a whole lot more. When a pile is out of words the player who spun simply spins again.
Once we were done with all the cards, it took two times playing the game to finish completely, the words were sorted by type of consonant blend or diagraph and put into their repective pockets. The "th" in one pocket and the words with "ng" in another pocket etc. This time I did not color code them like I did with the short vowel lap books.

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