May 13, 2010

Egypt Lapbook

I am still learning how to effectively use lapbooks. I have now tried several different approaches. First off, I had the boys do all the work so it was a slower process and the lapbook was simpler. We did one item a day and glued it in place.(dung beetle lapbook) With the Egypt Lapbook I transistioned a 'little' by doing more of the work and we left the positioning of the items until the end. We still did an item every other day or so and just threw the finished piece inside the folder once they were done. The result was a bit of a hodge podge layout but with adding a few extra pages we got it all in. Recently I have done most of the cutting work and I use the lapbook sort of like a teaching visual with a hands on element.(meerkats, arctic animals) For the boys this has been a good idea. They enjoy the freedom to think about and to manipulate the already assembled pieces. They can focus on the information we are talking about and not the cuttig, folding glueing etc. There is a time and a place for everything. I have used Lapbooks to introduce a subject and to review a subject. Thus far it seems that lapbooks can be what you want them to be...depends on your objective and the skills your kids have. I am all for experimentation so I will probably do something different in the future as I see the boys changing and adding new skills to their tool belts. It is fun to have the flexiblity to adjust and see what really works may not work tomorrow. Kids are forever changing. :)
Cover can be found here.
Ten Plagues lift up flap page is from the Old Testament Hands on Activity pack from Homeschool in the woods.

Once the Ten Plagues page is lifted up this is what is underneath.

We had a fun time with hyroglyohics.I found this fun online translater that helped us to write our name and to create this sort of ABC decoder. It is chalked full of other fun things to do as well.

We used this book to also give us more information about heiroglyphics.

This paocket was added to store all the micellaneous stuff we had made but did not know where to put it. These two egyptian puppets, the stone worker and the pharoh can be found here. The other things in the pocket is a bracelet, a necklace and head band for when we dreessed up as Egyptians.

This occupations wheel simply spins around the names of different occupations of people in Egypt.

Inside the book are pictures of each occupation listed. They are from the DK eyewitness book extra CD  of clip art.

The Egyptian art stickers can be found at Dover.
Finally the books we read and which gave background for the mini books and items in the lap book. Our Manin "spine' book was this one.

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  1. Pic of your kids is AWESOME! What fun!