May 15, 2010

Ancient World Lapbook

We did two lapbooks for history this year because Egypt is such an interesting subject in itself we did a lapbook just on that by itself. It can be found here. The Ancient World lapbook covers the stories from Genesis on through to Joseph.
For the cover we painted thin stripes of color on a piece of card stock one day, then cut out the shape of Joseph's Many Colored coat the next day.

The Days of Creation Book is from the Old Testamemt Activity Pack. We also did a large wall poster of each day.

The finger print tree we used for a set back drop on our drama of the story of the fall in the garden of eden. I took the drawing and tacked it up inside the bottom of a cardborad box. The we cut out one side of the box. The cut side was placed on the table so we could insert or charaters below into the stagge setting we had made. I narrated the story and the boys made the puppet characters act it out. We did the drama three times once for each of the boys to use their tree and their puppet characters. It was very fun!!

These pupest characters can be found here.

To make the snake simply trace a lid the size you want the snake to be then draw a spiral towards the center. cut along that line and attach a string to the head. The boys worked it out that the snake would drop down from a hole in the top of the box during the drama.

The Noah's ark projects cane be found here and here.

This little mini book, and the one below about Lot and his family escaping the destruction in Sodom are from the Old Testament Activity Pack.

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