May 16, 2010

Collect Ten

Collect Ten, is from Peggy Kaye's book entitled Games for learning. My Sister-in-law Suzanne gave it to me last year and we use this little gem of a book alot. There are language arts and math games in this book. All three boys can play together. It is a brillant way to reinforce counting skills, factors that make ten and place value.
How to Play...
Take a card off the top of the deck.(remove aces,and all face cards) The number tells you how many popcorn kernals to pick up. You can use whatever token you want; paper clips, raisins,buttons, nuts etc but whatever you choose you will need one hundred pieces of it for each player. The popcorn kernals are then placed on the playing card one kernal for each space. There are ten spaces. If you get ten you simply put that ten straight into one of the ten bowls at your side. I always sit by and referee and ask questions like how many more do you need to make ten? How many will you have left over once you make ten? How many do you have all together now? Next turn you may get a number that takes you over ten on your card. Say you get 6 on your first turn and then 8 on your next turn. you would put four kernals onto your card to make ten. Add that ten to a bowl, then put the remaining four from the 8 drawn onto your card. The goal of the game is to be the first person to fill all ten of your bowls with ten kernals, making a total of 100.
After the boys finished with this game we took their 100 pieces of popcorn into the kitchen and popped them 100 pieces at a time. They then ate the popcorn counting to see if all 100 popped. Amazingly all 300 popped!!

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