May 17, 2010

Love that Lasts

Loving those who don’t deserve it,
Loving those I hate,
Loving on when all seems lost and loving is too late.
Loving when love’s not returned
And when my heart’s in pain,
Finding courage deep within to live and love again.

Loving God with all my heart

And enemies as friends,
Loving those who’re difficult,
Yet loving till the end.
Finding all-sufficient love when love is hard to find,
Loving and forgiving those who’re thoughtless and unkind.

Love like this is gifting from God who came to give
Life and love through Jesus Christ,
Who died that we might live.
You cannot love without Him
In the many ways you should,
Loving unloving people…the bad as well as the good.

So put yourself in silence,
And receive the Spirit’s power
To love and love without end until the final hour.
Our human love is not enough
To love a broken race
Into the loving arms of God with tears upon his face.

So love me into loving, Lord,
Reduce me, Lord, to size
Till Jesus, all is Jesus, and you alone the prize.
Work in me by your Spirit till
You melt this heart of stone,
Perfect your work till I at last am loving you alone!
By Jill Briscoe from her book entitled; Love that Lasts

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