September 2, 2011

This Year's Curriculum: Ancient Egypt

Two years ago we approached history blending Old Testament history and ancient Egypt together into one year. But we soon discovered that this would push us into Greece and Rome much earlier than our boys would be ready for it. So, we decided to repeat both and do them in the space of two years. Last year we looked at the stories of the Old testament and this year we are looking at Ancient Egypt.

I chose Mark Millmore’s book entitled Imagining Egypt to be our spine. I will read from this book regularly and fill in with more fun things as we go along. Using his chapter titles I found places for all my other resources under each heading. I will plan my daily lessons as we go from that basic outline. So our year of study in Ancient Egypt looks like this:

In The Beginning

Create a wall Map of Egypt (done)

A Child's Geography of Egypt with NP

Archeology activity

Color some pages from A Coloring book of Ancient Egypt

Kings and Queens


Make the 3-D pyramid

Put the pyramids on the wall map

Notebook some pages on this topic

Color some coloring pages on this topic

The Temples

Color some coloring pages of the temples


Notebook some pages on the Rosetta stone

Use the Hieroglyphs message maker (comes with Millmore's book)

Do a hieroglyphs treasure hunt for the Egyptian treasure chests

Numbers and Math fun

How to make Papyrus activity

Gods and Goddesses

Make a Gods hierarchy chart

Daily Life

Make Egyptian honey cakes

Play Senet

Do some activities from Ancient Science

Read portions from Time Travelers

Build an Egyptian boat from AEAB pg 32

Fig Cakes AEAB pg 37

Irrigation machine AEAB pg 120

Land of the Dead

The Dynasties

Complete a timeline of ancient Egypt

At the end of the day I read out loud chapter books to the boys. This year there are so many lovely chapter books on Egypt we will be using this eveing time to get in a little bit more history as well as good stories to sleep by. Here is our list of Read alouds pertaining to Egypt.

Next in our day is Math.

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  1. Wow, this is an impressive curriculum. I am putting a link to it on one of my posts. Thanks for sharing all your work.