September 6, 2011

This Year's Curriculum: Latin

Last year did an overview of Song School Latin. (find a good review here)I say we did an overview because we did not do everything that was suggested in each chapter. I selected bits that I thought would fit in our time slot and be interesting to the boys at their level. It was the first workbook my boys have done and they loved it, but since they are not yet reading the format was cumbersome for us all. Needless to say we skipped quite a bit and thus left a lot of room for us to repeat the book again this year.
To make it new I traced the book cover and photo copied it. Then I scanned it into my computer and printed it out onto card stock. Now I have a black and white front identical to their old ones except we get to add our own colors. I also copied the book itself. Now they all have new books with new covers.

Last year they listened to the songs often as they went to sleep at night, so when I introduced it to them in our lesson they already knew the songs. Sometimes we made puppets from the images in the book and used those with the songs as well. This year I hope to incorporate more puppets and skits in a theatre to bring the vocabulary words to life. I found these fun ones here.

I also think it would be interesting to use some Montessori type activities with the vocabulary and thus I have created some Montessori cards to be used with each lesson. That means we may branch out and end up making a lap book based upon the information in the workbook and use the workbook pages less. We will see.

We are all excited about re-using a curriculum in a different way. Many of the activities we left undone await us and since there really isn’t anything else out there my boys are ready for just yet I am happy to put in a little extra this year to keep Latin fun.

Latin is one of our electives we do it once a week maybe twice if time permits.

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