December 22, 2011

Twas The Night Before Christmas!

I have just discovered two blogs which specialize in linking others to public domain materials which you can use to create anything you want for sharing or selling. There is a wealth of wonderful creative tools on these blogs. I hope you find them as enjoable as I have. I have this much fun only when shopping in second hand stores. You can find gems if you look.
Using a public domain book, Denslows the Night Before Chrsitmas from the homeschool commons I created a couple of things to add to my publisher page over at currclick. (In january there will be a wishes come true sale. Anything you have in your wish list fom my homepage will be 50% off)

First, I made a My Copywork Notebook with primary and regular lines.

Then, using velum, I traced 15 of the full page illustrations to make coloring pages. Once they were traced I scanned that image into my computer and laid it out in Publisher, added text etc. Please feel free to snag this coloring page and use it however you like. With the coloring pages is the complete poem laid out so you can print it and bind it as a book.

Merry Chirstmas!

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  1. Thanks for the website info!! Public domain is great and it is a challenge to keep my boys reading in English here in Ecuador!!