December 9, 2011

What did the Pharaohs wear on their heads?

 We have begun a new pocket for the Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt and we are filling it up rapidly.

Red Crown book
The first thing we did was to look at all of the different crowns and headderesses the Pharaohs wore and what they symbolized. To do this I created books for each one. You can download the PDF for these crown books HERE and create your own.

The crown books contain a cover to decorate and a page for writing and a back cover which is plain.
Zak's Double crown book

Max's White Crown book

T.J.'s war crown book
(nemes crown book? our picture is missing)

Making one of the these books took us about 1 hour. So, while they were coloring and cutting and copying, I read to them from The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt by Elizabeth  Payne.

Now all the books are tucked nicely away into the Kings and Queens pocket. How to make these pockets HERE.
 But wait there is yet more...This next book is also included in the Crowns book PDF.

Max's Crook and Flail book.

The crook is one of the symbol s the pharaoh is seen with often in reliefs and paintings. It symbolized the role the Pharaoh plays as a shepherd to his people. The Flail is the symbol of power and used against the enemies of Egypt to bring them into submission. Learning this was very enriching, it opened our eye to see how each of the pharaohs were either better with the crook or better with the flail or good at both sides of leadership.

Now, because boys are interested in more active things than writing and coloring, I have interjected many different games and hands on projects in between making these lovely crown books. This was successful in keeping them moving at a nicer pace through our study of Egypt. A pace that all enjoyed. One of these activites is a game called The Egyptians. It is a bit pricey but well worth the money. My dh husband introduced the game to the boys and changed the rules slightly. Instead of the goal of the game to become the conquering pharaoh he set the game up so that the one who was the best shepherd to his people wins. I love it! and so did the boys. We also played Go Fish for Ancient Egypt.
Max's nemes crown
Over at First Pallette I found some fun printables for making egyptian headresses and arm bands, necklaces etc. The boys plan to make all of them, this nemes crown being the first of their collections. They also want me sew a white Egyptain skirt for each of them. Luckily for me, a friend of mine happened to be moving and gave away a lot of fabric. Max scored a wonderful piece of wite shimmery fabric that will make three egyptian skirts easily! We are all thrilled!

Zak's nemes crown

T.J.'s nemes crown
They painted masks of Pharoah. More on that over HERE.

T.J.'s  latest map drill
They did some very cool looking maps with our new water colors we picked up in Sri lanka.

Max's latest map drill
And that wraps up our lastest investigation into Ancient Egypt. Soon more about the pharoahs and queens.


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing all your talent!

  2. This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing! We are just beginning our study of ancient Egypt. I will have to check out your links.

  3. thank you so much for sharing! we'll be doing some of the crowns tomorrow and hopefully the crook and flail book as well. thank you for sharing the other resources for making the wearable crown and pieces also. my son is very excited for tomorrow