December 22, 2011

Venus it's hot, hot, hot

Venus title Max

Zak's map drill adding in Venus
Venus is the third planet we have studied so far. We began with the sun, then mercury and now venus. It is a very hot planet and full of volcanos so we decide the pages out to look a bit hot, so we chose orange to shwo this. (We are saving red for Mars).

Our Volcano experiment. Photo taken by Max
We only did one experiment this chapter. It was a very easy one using flour, melted butter a small bowl and a tray. Butter melted flowed down the flour mountain we created much the way lava does on the volcanos on Venus. Then as it hardened we could see how the planet was formed.

Two page spread in Zak's book.

The phases of venus are similar to the phases of the moon.
Max's drawing of Mariner.
What we know about venus today is largely due to the voyages of the unmanned spacecrafts of Mariner.
Max's drawing of venus and the earth.
Long ago, people believed that venus and the earth were twins. But because of the umanned space crafts who vayaged out into space, we know that venus is covered with a  gaseous atmosphere that makes it uninhabitable for people. Though it is about the same size as the earth it is very different than the earth. They are not twins.
Zak's title page.
Venus was a fascinating planet. But now we are onto our investigation of our own world, planet Earth. See you soon!
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