March 12, 2012

Mummies Made by Us

For the past month of so we have been investigating how the Egyptians made the pyramids and why they mummified ther dead. To get our minds around this concept we got our hands involved. The following is a short post documenting the fun we had making a paper mache' mummy. The first step was to find a cheap "doll" to wrap. the doll had to fit into the paper sarcophoguses we had already made.

I found a $1.25 orange action figure that was just the right size if we popped off his cheaply made arms. The boys loved this! Then we set up to cover them with strips of paper. I had just done a printing of their grammar books for next year so these strips of paper were throw aways. The flour costs little to nothing as well as the water. So it was an inexpensive adventure at $3.75 in total.

Next after a short demo, the boys were off and paper mache'ing

A close up of their fine workmanship.

The finished product.

The little silver gun came with the action figure. The sarcophoguses we purchased from Dover.


  1. They did a wonderfully neat job...something you would want to keep forever!

  2. Thanks i'm doing a report on egypt im in 6 th grade im going to do this to a barbie and i will incorperate it into my report.

  3. Wow your little boys did an excellent job in making a mummy. Thanks for giving me a brilliant idea in finding a good pastime for my 3 year old. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing.