March 25, 2012

Out to Sea with Latin Vocabulary

This is another of our latin lessons loosely taken from Song School Latin which we did last year. We are having fun this year simply using and reviewing the words we did before. The assignment this week was to draw a picture with these latin words from chapter 28:

mare: sea
unda: wave
lacus: lake
(I didn't get a good picture of lacus)
flumen: River
navs: ship/boat

Here is a snippet from Max's drawing. Mare and Unda in one.

Flumen by T.J. Don't you just love all the little carts and men laoding things onto the dock? Too cute.

Navis by Zak.
Due to the success of this endeavour I am going to try having the boys make their own montessori cards of the vocabulary words next year. How cool it woud be to have a set of flash cards with these adorable little drawings on them.

This drawing wasn't for latin class but TJ did such a great job on it that I couldn't help but post it. The assignment was to create a border around the page and then draw a picture in the middle. Then using designs decorate the borders. TJ chose to copy the cover from one of his favorite books: Shaka, King of the Zulus by Diane Stanley.

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