March 4, 2012

New More Lofty Atmosphere

Welcome to the boys new loft bed room! Last fall I wrote about our office switch in my post setting up shop and mentioned it was due to my dh's plan to make loft beds for the boys. Now it is done!

My dh spent most of his free time these past 8 months getting the brackets and the boards all made and cut to specifications so he could assemble the loft beds. He designed these beds himself using a free online design tool and has succeeded in making some very smart looking and durable beds for three active boys. We all love them!

The best part I think about the assembly was that the boys were able to help out alot. Max's bed went up first followed by Zak's and then Tj's. Aren't they adorable little carpenters?!

Here is a snapshot of Mak's loft bed on the left and Zak's on the right.

In this shot Zak's loft bed is on the left and TJ's loft bed is on the right.

Now there is ample space for their school desk and crate of folders and their toys and books. I am thrilled to give them a great way to keep organized! Their room smells of sweet pine and laquer and the atmosphere is open and frought with ideas for new creative play. The other day they drapped their sheets across between two beds and made a fort. The room looks a little bare now, but I am sure it will fill up soon. I can't wait to see what they will do next! And with 'space inspection' as a handy tool in my pocket I am not afraid of the messes they make.


  1. What fun! This looks terrific.

  2. These are great! You're fortunate to have nice tall ceilings. We looked into something like this (buying one from Ikea) but our boys would hit their heads on the ceiling if they sat up too quickly! :)

  3. Ellen, that is so true. When we got the house we are in now the forst thought I had was, cool now we can have loft beds and candle chandeliers. :)