May 26, 2011

Discovering Spring

We went on our first nature hike of the spring this morning. Max came sleepy-eyed into my bedroom where I was typing on the computer and said, "Guess what I want to do?" "What?" I said, "I want to draw in my nature notebook!" That was enough for me, I have waited a long time to hear that said. So after breakfast we were off, back packs loaded with supplies and hats on heads we were ready. We have a little valley that is a 10 minute walk from our house. It is kind of off the beaten path and it has loads of things for the kids to discover. we go there often year 'round. Today I discovered the beauty of the rocks and a small herd of goats.

The boys also made entries in their journals and then ran up the rocks to see what else they could find.

Max's Entry.

Zak's entry. TJ didn't want to show his.
On the way home we stopped to gather some leaves on a bush/tree we have seen several times. This time I was intrigued, the leaves have been turning colors and I am wondering now if they are always turning colors. It is spring and not fall and they are still so colorful,  hmmmm. I'll have to look this one up. All the leaves have a different pattern of colors and places on the leaves where they are turning colors. The boys plan to draw them once we get home.

Zak's Cool finds.

TJ's cool finds.

A lotcus, another of TJ's finds for the day.
Max's Cool finds.

My cool finds, recorded in my journal with a note to myself to find out about this odd bush/tree we saw. This morning out looking at nature took us a little over an hour door to door. But what fun we had!

Why I absolutely love naute study!
  • We get to discover things we haven't seen before, even though we have been going to the same place for 3 years now. (I found a flower I didn't notice last year) Nature is always changing.
  • It is a part of our week where we all get outside and see what finds us...we aren't in control.
  • We get to draw and paint cool things we see.
  • It costs next to nothing.
  • We all are on the same level observing and sharing with each other what we find.
  • There is beauty in everything.
  • Nature relaxes us.
  • Beauty inspires us and compels us to take her with us...thus sketching. Sketching helps us see more beauty.
  • My two loves of art and nature are experienced together.
  • I feel great after having been out, having seen cool things, having collected something worth while with my pen or my camera.
  • I feel like a successful mom when we spend time with nature.
  • My kids also feel great! They are all smiles. I never have to push them to join in.
  • I feel God is pleased when we enjoy His creation, like Eric Liddle felt God's pleasure when he ran.
  • There is nature everywhere, and we can always find something of interest to fascinate us.
  • I am never at a loss at what to record in my nature journal. The blank paper is not scary anymore.
  • Copying the master artist and creator God, is making me more relaxed and more creative.
  • It heals tired emotions.
  • It inspires better living.
  • It is awesome!


  1. What an awesome example of nature study! Very inspiring to get my family out there!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful nature walk and description of the benefits of nature study. This was very inspiriting. We have not drawn in our nature notebooks very much. I'm not artistic myself. I do have notebooks for several of the kids, but we haven't had a good place to go for a while. Well, that's kind of an excuse, but I'm going to do better. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I love all the color the kids picked up. That locust is beautiful. Thanks for the post!

  4. Your nature notebook entries and photos are beautiful!