May 10, 2011

Living Life to the Full...Unbelieving Believers

What is an Unbelieving believer?

Sounds like an oxymoron. It is someone who is saved. They will be in heaven. They have understood the message of the Gospel and can say without a moments hesitation that it is true. They would agree with you that what God says is right. In the mind of an unbelieving believer there is no conflict. However it is in the emotions where most of us really live. If the message of the gospel and it’s good news isn’t jiving down there, there will be unbelief residing in a part of you. An imporatnt part of you. Perhaps you don’t know why you don’t you don’t accept it, or why it repels you. Perhaps you do and you just can’t refute it with wise sounding words. Perhaps you just aren’t ready to trust God down there where life hurts, and joys begins. At any rate those emotions are part of you…they matter. God wants to win your heart not just your mind and your mental consent. He doesn’t want you service and understanding as much as your trust.

It is when you are the lowest, when you are desperate for some real help that you realize just how much you have really trust God. Is he a comfort? Is he scoffing at you? Is he even there at all?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself next time life is not going well. Answer them honestly, and from your heart, this time forget what you know and feel for the answers. The questions are from pg 58-59  in Side Tracked in the Wilderness by Michael Wells.

1. When I think about being with God, I feel….

2. When I have to trust God, I feel….

3. When I think about God, I wish…

4. Sometimes I get angry with God when…

5. It frustrates me when God wants me to…

6. I really enjoy God when…

7. The one thing I would change about myself to please God is….

8. When I think about God’s commands, I feel…

9. Sometimes I wish God would…

10. I can really depend on God when…

11. in my relationship with God, I’m always sure that he will….

12. The one thing that frightens me most about God is…

13. God surprises me when…

14. One thing I’m afraid God will do is….

Perhaps as you answered the questions you saw the dichotomy, your mind knows what you should say but your feelings are hesitant. Tomorrow I will finish this thought more but today I wanted to leave you with a few more questions. From Side Tracked in the Wilderness Pg 43.

Where have you looked to have your needs met?

How are you coping with the world around you?

What do you do in the midst of defeat?

To whom or what do you turn when under pressure?

Where do you find comfort?

How do you exit in a world where God is relevant only for future fire insurance?

How do you live among humanity?


  1. great post! i found ya through circle of moms- fellow christian hs mama! new follower- kelli