May 26, 2011

Edouard Manet

Max has this painting by Manet above his bed. At the beginning of the year I showed the boys several prints of impressionist artist which once they picked their favorite one, I promised to have it framed. Max chose Carnations and Clematis in a Chrystal Vase . 'It's real and has sharp edges." He said, "The others are all fuzzy, I don't like them." His opinion happened to be very right on. Manet was known for his precise detail and precision. We learned he also liked to paint upside down. Interesting.

Our picture study this time was quite simple and straight forward. We copied several of Manet's paintigs via coloring pages. This coloring of 'The Fifer' was done by Max.

Zak's Coloring of 'At the Railway Station.'

Max's first experiment with water color pencils. 'Argentuiel' coloring page can be found here.

T.J.'s Artist Bio Sheet. The stickers are from Dover.

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