May 5, 2011

The Wonderful, Reusable Power of Oranges

I have discovered a wonderful all purpose natural cleaner using oranges and vinegar. I make it in minutes and it costs less than .04 cents per container. The best thing about this find is that we eat the good parts and what was going into the garbage (the peels) is now being put to use to clean mirrors, stoves, bathroom ceramics, etc. I have two items now in my arsenal against grime and bacteria, baking soda with essential oil, and orange vinegar diluted with water.

I learned about this from the Grocery Shrink. She says this...

"Orange oil is famous for it's cleaning properties. It smells great too! Harness the power of orange by soaking your peelings in vinegar. It will absorb the oils and pigment boosting the cleaning power of the vinegar.

The most economical way to make this is when you are already buying oranges to eat because they are such a great price. This usually happens in winter. I try to make enough during this season, to last me until next year.

To make: Stuff the peelings of 4-6 oranges into a glass quart canning jar. Cover with vinegar and seal with a lid. Shake every once in a while for 1-2 weeks. Strain out peelings. When finished the orange vinegar should be a dark orange color.

It is okay to start the jar with your first orange and add peelings to the vinegar as you eat them. Just be sure to leave room in the jar for the peelings when you pour the vinegar.

Use this in any of the recipes below in the place of white vinegar.

Note: When making infused vinegar, any citrus fruit will work. I've used lemons, limes, grapefruit, and tangerines with success."

What I love about this Orange Cleaner...
  • It is inexpensive
  • I can use it on everything even on things I used to scrub if I spray on the orange vinegar cleaner and go away for a while it works while I am working and my job is as simple as rinsing it off.
  • We use it to sanitize our hands when on the go. I keep a small bottle in my car and in my bag and we are prepared for amything without the stinky smell.
  • It smells lovely
  • I don't get head aches from inhaling it as I clean because it is natural.
  • It feels great to make use of garbage for such a wonderful purpose.
  • It doesn't take lots of time or know how to make it. We bring out a clean jar when we eat oranges for a meal and everyone helps to stuff them in.

Happy healthy cleaning!


  1. How long does the cleaner last? As it gets older does it lose any of its antibacterial properties??

  2. Great question! I really do not know. I keep mine in the fridge so maybe it lasts longer but I have never checked out whether the antibacterial properties are still in tact. Ask the grocery shrink. The link to her site is above in the post.