May 7, 2011

More on Old Testament History

After finishing up our investigation into dinosaurs (which we spent a few months on) we have been making faster progress through history. Our "real" history is being taken care of by Dad. He reads the sections outlined in the Greenleaf press old testament history guide each morning after breakfast. They take turns narrating the story. As far as I am concerned that is enough but it is fun to do some extra activities on the side. The following are snap shots of our fun with old testament history. A bit of notebooking, a bit of coloring. Sometimes a 3D model or a paper doll and a puppet skit. So now for the Garden of Eden...

Garden of Eden coloring page by TJ.

Adam and Eve notebooking page by TJ

Adam and Eve coloring page by Zak.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil notebooking page by Max.

Noah's Ark coloring page by TJ
We read portions from Adam and His Kin as we went through this part of history from Noah until Abram.

Noah's Ark notebooking page by TJ
We aslo read through Noah's Ark and the Arart we all want to go see if we can find it!

Tower of Babel notebooking page and puppets (with a membership)by TJ.
With these two projects we read the Tower of Babel pop up book

Gilgamesh notebooking page by TJ.

God calls Abraham coloring page by Max.

Abram and Lot puppets and background (by membership) by Max.
We stuck the background up onto a wall in our dinning room and put a tablecloth over some of the dinning room chainrs in front of the background picture to create a puppet stage. The each of the boys took a turn enacting the story of Abram giving lot the choice of land to raise their livestock on.

Everyone's Abrams and Lots.

Abraham sacrifices Issac notebooking page by Zak.

Now... on ward ho! oh I mean on to Jacob and Esau.

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