April 21, 2010

Belated Easter Post

I love to take the natural alternative if there is one. This year when I thought about dying Easter eggs I thought of this post It’s about using things in your kitchen to dye eggs and I was eager to try it. So I pulled together all the natural stuff I had; spinach, coffee, beets, and turmeric. I had high hopes to brew up some fantastic dye and begin creating beautiful eggs. Unfortunately I was not as successful as the post, my beet solution was weak so I added mulberries and got a very nice dark grey blue black color. Cool but not really what we had in mind for Easter. The spinach was so yellowy brown we could not see any green in it. The coffee was a lovely shade of brown but very uneven and splotchy. I could go on but you get the idea. After missing our aim by such a long shot I was a bit discouraged, but I did learned a bit more about just how to go about this and I will be better prepared next time. In the meantime, we salvaged the badly dyed eggs and created these adorable little cheeps in a nest.  For a complete tutorial on egg dying look here

 Then I put some eggs into the mulberry and beet solution, and the coffee and left them for a few hours just to see what would happen. The colors came out much deeper and nicer. But they were still splotchy. I don’t have access to dye so I decided to make a few egg armatures out of paper clips and Styrofoam and let the boys paint the remaining white ones and the naturally dye ones with gauche paint. They did the undercoats and I added details.

The end result was supposed to be a colorful egg tree according to the German Easter Tradition, however our Easter breakfast was planned for outside in the yard at our good friends house and the wind was so strong our egg tree would have been toppled before we could set it up. We opted to hang the eggs on a near by scrub tree so the kids could help hang them. The kids loved joining in to help! After we ate BUT before I could get a picture the eggs had all been snatched down and tucked into eager little hands. This Easter I had to just let it all go!

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