April 26, 2010

More Math Fun...Three In a Row!

One of the challenges we have in our homeschool is how to include two four year old twin brothers in the mix of activities and lessons we do each day. This math game is great for all three. Max by helping his brothers learn to count up the total on each dice gets some more practice in addition and the Zak and T.J. are getting exposed to adding numbers, and number recognition.
Here is how we play this game. Each player takes a turn rolling the two dice. The player then adds up the total of both dice and covers that number on the playing board. The first player to get three markers in a row is the winner!! The fun part is learning how to strategize and block other players from making their three in a row. The idea and advanced versions of this game can be found in this great little e-book called Math Facts Fun by Catherine Jamie and Cheryl Holle. There are eight different levels, the game you see above is level 2. I adjusted the game board found in the e-book by using pieces from Colors shapes and numbers Oh My! e-book, so that all four of us could play together.

"Math must be practiced to be remembered. Practice takes time, and patience, and can wear on both the teachers and the students! But games take practice to another dimension." -Catherine Jamie

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