April 18, 2010

Crumbling Pyramids

The rains have come early this year! I am sooooo glad. After recovering from colds, our sinuses were very tender, then a very dry front blew in which dropped the humidity down to around 40%. Five days later it rained and then rained again. Three times in one day! It has rained at least once-a-day since then. Our sinuses are so happy :).

We took advantage of the rains and read about building pyramids. David McCaulay has such wonderful books. After we read about the pyramids we built one out of sugar cubes. One box of sugar cubes for each guy to build a pyramid with. They soon figured out that with a base of ten by ten cubes it was not going to work so they shrunk down the base size to six and they were able to get a whole pyramid plus a causeway and temple out of one box. Great job guys!
Max's Pyramid
T.J.'s Pryamid
Zak's Pyramid
Then we use the pyramids for a science lesson. We put them outside on the table and waited for the rains to come. And they did. We took pictures of the structures as they dissolved and made bets on whose would crumble first. Turns out no one won, because there wasn’t enough rain to dissolve the pyramids all away. But it was a great way to get rid of all that sugar and see what rain can do. The next day the boys made sugar mud pies with what remained. :)

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